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Our Purpose

Our People

Aether's multi-disciplinary team of consists of professionals with extensive experience in energy efficient and sustainable development, real estate, credit-based financing, and technology.

Our Info

Aether was founded to revolutionize how large institutions approach energy efficient and sustainable infrastructure development.  Partnering with leading manufacturers, integrators, contractors, and funding sources, Aether develops, acquires, and operates a portfolio of large scale infrastructure assets.  Its public and private clients around the globe benefit from a turnkey solution to immediately achieve their economic, environmental, and social objectives.  Aether also finances select commercial real estate opportunities, as our strategies build on over $16B in executed transactions in the sector.  Aether removes capital constraints for decision makers so we can achieve our shared vision for a more efficient, technologically-advanced future.


Aether believes that a world of energy efficiency is within reach, and we aim to be the catalyst.  We mobilize a multi-disciplinary ecosystem of manufacturers, integrators, contractors, and funding sources to generate immediate economic value and positive environmental impact for large public and private customers.  Our integrated approach unlocks energy efficiency measures on an unprecedented scale.


Aether removes complexity and enables action for entities seeking portfolio-wide reductions in energy consumption.  Disruptive innovations in lighting, controls, power generation, and energy storage can deliver significant savings while enhancing the quality of buildings and public spaces.  Unfortunately, large energy consumers face resource constraints, high upfront costs, and other limitations that challenge their ability to seize this opportunity.  Aether's outsourced service model empowers our customers to overcome this once daunting task - benefiting their bottom line and the environment.

Our Projects

Aether's revolutionary approach to energy efficiency appeals to municipalities, corporations, education and health care systems, and other entities that want to liberate themselves from excessive energy costs and channel those funds to ensure their place in the better future we create together.


We develop ambitious energy efficiency opportunities utilizing a flexible, long-term service contract that is the key to successful project implementation.  Aether aims to be a valued partner to its customers and potential project stakeholders as they consider their own opportunities.


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